Types of Marijuana Hits You Can Hope To Achieve

Cannabis dispensaries in Washington were first allowed to open in 2012 after the historic end of prohibition laws here. The interesting fact is that you don’t need to be a resident to buy weed in Washington so long as you consume it within the boundaries of Washington state. You must, of course, be 21 years or older to buy weed as that is the age when you can be held responsible for your own actions and can make informed choices.

The experienced recreational cannabis user may have witnessed several kinds of hits during his or her lifetime. It is generally not possible to achieve the same hit and the same intensity every time you find yourself smoking pot. That is because the trip experience varies with the mood you’re in and your physiological build at the time you take the joint or bong.

Marijuana Hits You Can Hope To Achieve


That said it is possible for one person to experience a similar hit again with a little bit of control and selection of the herb and dosage. There are many myths out there and few facts to rely upon. Besides, we have yet to see a smoking scientist who will use his or her own body to advance our understanding of the way a cannabis high is achieved.

Some people claim that holding the smoke in after inhalation causes a greater high than when you simply exhale. According to a 2001 study by Steve Liebke, about 95 % of THC in the marijuana smoke is absorbed in the first few seconds. So, holding your breath is unlikely to help in getting a stonger high. In fact this method could be dangerous as it could result in a larger deposit of tar into your lungs than otherwise.

Taking short, small and quick puffs in succession is a great way to get a really mean trip. Do this only if you’ve made at least some portion of your body resistant by using the product over many years.

Dabbing, which involves heating a small dab of oil or dried herb extract and then taking a powerful sniff is also a know technique of producing a more intense hit.

If you do wish to replicate the effects of a previous high you simply need to prepare your moods. That, of course is easier said than done. But you can simply wait for a good mood. Washington’s cannabis dispensaries offer several varieties of sativa or indica and you must choose which taste gives you a better and cleaner hit.

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